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By signing below: (1) Member will be bound by the terms and conditions of California's Business Account Agreement & Disclosure and Business Rates, Fees, & Charges which the Credit Union may amend from time to time and which member acknowledges receipt of; (2) member agrees to any and all Digital Banking Agreements & Disclosures, available online and in print upon request; (3) member understands that the passwords issued can be used to withdraw funds from the account(s) and that member must safeguard all Usernames and passwords. Member authorizes the credit union and its agents to follow any instructions transmitted by use of these passwords, and agree to be bound therein. (4) Member authorizes the credit union to disclose information about any of member's California accounts to third parties (including Payees) in order to complete transactions using Member also authorizes Payees to disclose to California and/or its agents information regarding member's account(s) with such Payees in order to complete transactions using, including resolving questions regarding such transactions.

I/we, by signature below, certify that everything that has been stated in this application and on any attachments is correct. California is authorized to retain this application whether or not it is approved. I/we understand that a Username and temporary password will be issued to me/us within 48 hours of a completed online enrollment form and/or approval of this application. I/we must change the temporary password(s) to private password(s) the first time I/we log on to


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